Award-winning expertise in scheduling technologies

A comprehensive automated scheduling and booking solution

BizMatch come with a set of simple yet powerful features to get the most of your event.

From South-East Asia to Europe, rely on the world-class Business Matching platform. Our teams works closely with each event manager to tailor the solutions to their needs.


Get prepared to your event

BizMatch adapts to each client's needs and objectives

BizMatch technology and ROI are proven by world-class events, including world largest event of its kind.
Receiving 25,000 participants from 80 countries.


You will find them and they will find you

With a simple yet advanced search engine, find participants easily

Not only you will find participants that meet your interests, but they will find you. Our matching engine will suggests automatically participents to meet. We send emails notifications to remind these suggestions. BizMatch make it easy to you.


BizMatch enables a comprehensive Business Matching experience

Outstanding features and years of experience of our teams will allow you to get the most of your event

Easy to use

Build engagement

Reminder and Suggestions

Customized to your needs

Amazing Support

Reports & Statistics