Awesome features, for what matters.


Match people with the best similarities, so consequently your attendees will find the right people.


Help participants to get the best face-to-face appointments, this would involve them at your events.


Customize the platform with your colour to empower your brand image.

Engage your attendees before the event

Encourage your participants to communicate with other participants before the event through personalized emails.

Control time and meeting duration

Chose the duration of the meetings. In addition, control when your guest can book meetings

Meeting Scheduler

Exhibitors and visitors can arrange and organize their meeting schedule effectively to optimize their time at the event


Take advantage of most real-time reports to analyze trends and adjust your performance.

Instant messaging

Exhibitors and visitors can interact before and during the event.

Virtual Meeting

Participants can meet virtually via one-to-one video call online within the platform




Match & Connect

Networking is a main reason why people participate in a conferences. With our matchmaking solution, connect your attendees with their best matches.

Check your schedule

Manage your time as you want and choose a slot for each appointments. Use you private meeting scheduler to unlock connections.

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