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Appsaya is a Business-Matching and Networking Platform for virtual, physical and hybrid events as well as event communities. The world’s leading conferences and exhibitions trust Appsaya to power their events with relevant solutions, quality networking and multiple revenue-generating opportunities.


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Connect with the right businesses with Smart-Matching

Powered by our in-house Matchmaking Technology, Appsaya is intuitive and proactive to help meet the most relevant people at business events, the easiest way.

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Powerful Analytics to monitor your event activities

Gain a whole new perspective on the impact of your event. Measure attendee engagement, content relevance, sponsor ROI and much more.

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Engage your attendees at any stage of your event cycle

Encourage your participants to communicate with other participants before, during and after the event through personalized touch points and your own event community.

Increase your attendees engagement

Easily integrate with your existing tools of global leaders

Our "Human Touch"

We partner with our clients to make their events successful thanks to a balanced mix of technology and human touch.

We embrace your culture and vision and commit to maximise the number of connections made through our platform. We will help you analyse your strengths and areas of improvement to bring your events to the next level.

This commitment relies on our smart-matching technology customized by expert human beings that take the success of your event as their own..

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Réinventer le Networking: Les Stratégies Innovantes des Chambres de Commerce

Les chambres de commerce modernisent leurs méthodes de networking avec des solutions numériques innovantes comme le business-matching. Des événements comme le Speed Dating d'affaires favorisent la collaboration, soulignant l'importance continue du networking dans le succès des entreprises.

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Unleashing the Power of AI: Elevating Your Trade Show Experience

The article explores how AI is reshaping the landscape of business events, particularly within the trade show industry, by enhancing content creation, reimagining event agendas, and elevating networking experiences. It highlights the significant growth projections of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) market and underscores the pivotal role of AI tools like ChatGPT in revolutionizing event experiences. The narrative delves into practical applications of AI in event planning and management while addressing the challenges and ethical considerations associated with its implementation.

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How to navigate events in this ever-evolving environment?

In a world constantly evolving with increased shifts in behaviors and expectations of event stakeholders and new digital usage, we have prepared a white paper to help you navigate through the storm.

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B2B Smart Matching

Designed to optimize structured networking by connecting attendees with matching criterias.

Appsaya Business Smart Matching Platform allows event organisers to maximise the value of their events. A powerful recommendation engine guides individuals and businesses in finding their best matches. Easy and on-point.

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