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Outstanding results for our end-to-end solutions in Senegal


How our responsiveness combined with our ability to cater for both online and onsite solutions helped the event’s results exceed expectations

Company: ADEPME

Industry: Government

Event Type and Channels: Onsite event

Geographical Scope: Senegal

Features used: Online and Onsite Event Registration & Management System, including Workshop registration, Business-matching Platform

ADEPME, the government agency in charge of SMEs’ promotion in Senegal, organized a 3-day onsite event in Dakar, the capital, to help SMEs access to financing and development solutions.

Despite little time to prepare and set up our solutions, the team set up the event registration and business-matching platform branded for the event, and was able to customize it for their workshops specificities. The client saluted the smooth user journey, the ability to access live data, and the team reactivity online and onsite during the event.



13-15 July 2023

4,500 participants, 40% of women

28 countries

14 regions from Senegal

111 exhibitors and consultants

1,340 B2B meetings

83% satisfaction of B2B meetings

2,000 pax registered per workshop

XOF 1,3 Billion of business generated (USD 2.1 Million)

ADEPME General Director’s post on the results of the FORUM DE LA PME SÉNÉGALAISE

Ap Saya Technologies

Collaborative Business-Matching with MIDF’s Development Finance Division

Government Institution

Company: SME Corps Malaysia

Industry: Government

Event Type and Channels: Business-matching event – Online

Geographical Scope: Malaysia

Features used: Event-based BizMatch(c) solution – Technology & platform for Business smart-matching

SME Corp through its MatchMe platform powered by Appsaya organised an online business matching event with MIDF with the objective to support the growth of SMEs and facilitate SME’s participation in the retailer supply chain. 

This event has proven that online Business-Matching has become an essential aspect to grow the business and sales post pandemic. Online Business-Matching is not limited to event-based and can be organised any time of the year and helps develop the market and generate potential leads for your upcoming event!

MIDF Article link


Held for 4-day in 2022

10 Anchor Companies: Retailers Segi Fresh, Lulu Hypermarket, AEON Co., Petronas Mesra, logistics provider -Ninja Van, wholesaler platform – Dropee, e-commerce platforms – Avana and MyGalore as well as KSGZ and SD Impex Japan Co. Ltd.

MYR6 million (USD1.40 million) in Potential Sales

**KSGZ provides SMEs the services, support, and roadmap to explore the Halal business opportunities to access, test, and market their products into Hong Kong and China, respectively while SD Impex Japan does the same for the Japanese market.

Ap Saya Technologies

SME CORP Malaysia

Government Institution
How Online Business-Matching solutions helped a Public institution generate USD 150 Million despite Covid19 confinement

Company: SME Corps Malaysia

Industry: Government

Event Type and Channels: Year-round Virtual events – Online

Geographical Scope: Malaysia

Features used: BizMatch(c) Year-Round solution – Technology for year-long Business smart-matching;

SME Corp wanted a platform to support matchmaking all year round but also for each event. Appsaya provided:

1) MatchMe365, a digital platform available all-year-round, to connect SME Corp members with Anchor Companies such as MNCs, GLCs, supermarkets and large companies locally and internationally.

2) For Each event, Appsaya developed an ad hoc MatchMe platform catered to be the event’s self-service business matching platform.

Results: In 2021, SME Corps created 7 distinct B2B Events. In total, and despite the Covid-19 crisis, SME corp generated thanks to our solutions: MYR600 million (USD150 million) in concluded sales, MYR2 million (USD 500K) in potential Sales

Ap Saya Technologies

Wasabih, the Business Community for the Halal Economy

Halal Economy

Event Organizers encounter difficulties to keep their event stakeholders engaged after events, struggle to retain them and to acquire new customers.

It’s even more complex for Halal Event Organizers, given how hard it is to identify and connect with other professionals with an interest in the Halal Economy in professional and social media platforms.

To answer these pain points, we created Wasabih, the Business Community for the Halal Economy, combining our expertise in the event industry, our knowledge of the halal economy and our business-matching technology.

Join Wasabih to connect with other professionals Muslims and non-Muslims, who care about making business in a sustainable and equitable way, as per the teachings of Islam, who want to know more about the Halal Economy, and who are keen to attend, participate or exhibit at Halal events. Bring your next event online, and start building a community for your Halal events on Wasabih.

Available on Play Store.

Ap Saya Technologies

Tourism Malaysia


Company: Aeromeet

Industry: Tourism

Event Type and Channels: Virtual event – Online

Geographical Scope: Malaysia

Features used: BizMatch(c) – Business smart-matching technology

In partnership with Evenesis

Together with our partner Evenesis, we successfully provided the first full virtual event that integrates Online Registration, Virtual Event Platform and Business-Matching solutions! Our white-labeled Business-Matching solution, Bizmatch(c), connects industry players on a platform following Aeromeet’s brand identity. Travel professionals and agencies, as well as local tourism bodies, enjoyed seamless business-to-business (B2B) sessions with the buyers and media from the Americas, Europe and Oceania (AERO) to discuss the latest tourism developments, events, and business opportunities.

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