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18 Jul 2018 Event Management

5 Tips to Make Your Event Epic!


Photo Credit: MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase)

Everybody wants to leave an event happy, satisfied, and with something in hand – Could be anything, from an inside knowledge to a business deal, or even a new connection. While organisers do not have a direct hand with helping attendees achieve the latter, they do on the other hand play a role in ensuring attendees feel the prior two.

Attendee happiness and satisfaction during an event is heavily affected by their experiences throughout the event. Though a wide range of things could affect the quality of an event experience for attendees, event organisers could only do so much to ensure attendees leave an event smiling radiantly!

When it comes to human experience, we have to pay attention to the basic, little things – It’s always those that affects us most.

Here are five essential event experiences that we think (or know) matter most to attendees.

1. Nobody likes queues

Let’s face it, nobody likes queues, especially long ones. When it comes to events of a larger scale, the human traffic that will accompany it is definitely a concern.

How crowded is it going to be? Is it going to take a long time before we can go in?

This might (and probably will) be some of the questions attendees will be asking themselves and amongst each other. As event organisers, “How efficient is my event’s check-in system?” is definitely a question to reflect upon- Not to mention the importance of the on-ground staff’s competency when managing the registration processes and handling any hiccups!

Don’t let your attendees’ concerns turn into real-life nightmares. Online check-ins and pre-registrations are few of the proven ways to increase the efficiency of an event’s check-in process.

An effortless check-in process is especially important to ensure a smooth-running event, and most importantly, to keep attendees’ moods in check!

2. For the ones driving: Is there even any parking space ?

We’ve all been there- Asking this question in our minds (or out loud in the car) after circling around the same spot for what might be our fourth time. That feeling when all hope is lost. Frustration. Disappointment.

These are emotions nobody wants to start their day with. And definitely the kind of feelings you don’t want your attendees to be facing before they even step in to your event.

Make sure your event venue has more than enough parking space to welcome your expected amount of attendees. It will prevent everyone’s nightmare scenario of having nowhere to park.

In this case, too much of a good thing, will not be a bad thing at all.

For the ones catching a ride: Is there a drop-off point?

Scenario A: Motorcycles and cars speed past you. You feel the rush of the wind against your skin. “There’s nowhere to cross, you gotta just go”, you tell yourself nervously. You take a deep breath, you anxiety builds up…. And you take your first step.

Scenario B: The driver stops. Unfortunately, your ride is not automatically billed to your card and you’re left fumbling for your wallet. It’s a one-lane road, drivers are waiting behind. Their impatience grows. Soon enough, you hear the honks, one after another.

Avoid these scenarios from happening to your attendees. Have well-marked drop-off points to ease their journey.

3. I need a sign

Some of us may be looking for signs to show that we’re on the right path…. To the toilet. Yes, it’s not just the right path to our future that’s hard to find, even washrooms are not within the horizon sometimes.

Put up clear signages and mark the paths around your event venue, important locations such as toilets, exit doors, prayer rooms, exhibition booths and hall numbers should all be easily found by attendees.

4. Eat. Drink. Wi-fi

The three pillars of successful events, these are the essentials keeping attendees occupied throughout the event.

Eat. Food is always good. Empty stomachs? Never. Ensuring there’s enough food to feed all attendees is one thing, but making sure there’s something to cater for everyone is another. Both are equally important. Cater to everyone’s dietary needs, and make sure there’s enough to go around! Nobody likes feeling left out, and they hate empty stomachs even more.

Drink. Chances are, a large number of your attendees love their coffee. Catering to their caffeine needs will definitely be celebrated, especially if it’s good. Attendees stay energized throughout your event, and the contagious spread of yawns are avoided.

Wi-fi. No matter where we go, our minds are always subconsciously looking for the “free wi-fi” sign. But at events, attendees come expecting it. Connectivity is vital at events, informations are exchanged at a constant speed. Free wi-fi is no longer a bonus – it’s a necessity.

5. Do you know who’s coming?

This question probably goes hand in hand with any event of any size that will involve some form of networking. Everybody dreads coming to an event without knowing anybody there, and this applies just as well to large-scale exhibitions.

Attendees want to know in advance who will be an exhibitor, so they could plan ahead who they’d want to meet.

But hold on– What if you (the event organiser) could take it one further step for your attendees, by ensuring not only will they meet with who they want to meet, but guarantee they will meet their with best match based on their interests even before the event.

This is where event solutions like Appsaya BizMatch will come in handy.

In Conclusion

As an event organiser, is it important to take some time to walk in the shoes of attendees to be able to understand what they look for and try to avoid when attending events. At the end of the day, how well their experiences were throughout the event will affect the longevity of your event- Good memories will leave them looking forward to more.



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