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07 Nov 2023 Event Technology

New Feature: Hosted Buyer Program


As an event technology company, we understand that continuous growth involves learning from each event. Over our 6 years in the MICE industry, we have recognized that the dynamics of business matching vary from one event to another. Event organizers prioritize connecting high-potential buyers with the right products, and this dynamic necessitates providing the best assistance to both buyers and sellers to facilitate successful deals.

Our core business revolves around providing business-matching solutions, especially at trade shows. Our goal is to offer an efficient and comprehensive tool to trade visitors, helping them plan and optimize their trade visits by connecting and managing meetings with the right business people.

However, challenges arise on this journey. While technology is available, the ultimate success of these meetings lies in closed deals, which cannot be guaranteed. Event organizers strive to maximize the probability of deal closure while maintaining efficiency. Some organizers take it a step further by implementing programs like hosted buyer sessions to closely monitor how business matching unfolds from initial connections to potential deal closure.

We observed and learned from this behavior, leading us to introduce a new feature for our clients. 

This feature mimics hosted buyer programs, offering a dedicated business matching session. At Halal Expo Indonesia, we present the ‘Hosted Buyer Programme’ in addition to our general business-matching tools.

What sets this tool apart from our regular business matching sessions? It is an automated business-matching and scheduling system that allows sellers to manage appointments with hosted buyers in a controlled environment, overseen by event managers This ensures that hosted buyers have meaningful meetings with sellers in facilitated settings, eliminating the need for manual searches, arrangements, and reminders for exhibitors. Furthermore, it seamlessly adjusts schedules in case of unexpected circumstances.

With our new hosted buyer program feature, event managers can create dedicated sessions for each hosted buyer based on dates, times, and industry preferences, similar to our general business matching sessions. However, the controlled environment guarantees better attendance and a higher likelihood of successful deal closures.

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