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30 May 2019 Event Management

Top 5 ways to overcome B2B Event Networking challenges


Only 34% of attendees said they were very satisfied with their experience at exhibitions they visited. Two-thirds of participants having failed to meet the right people. Networking is the prime reason for exhibitions. Follow our advice to make the most of your upcoming events.

1.  Prepare an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief and persuasive speech that you should know perfectly. People you will meet during business events have neither time nor energy to listen to you. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than an elevator ride. In a 30sec speech you need to explain what makes you, your company, product or service unique.

2.  Leave your contact details after meetings

It seems ridiculous to mention it, but it is essential to leave your contacts after every meeting. You do not attend Business Events to simply meet people, you must keep in touch with them. Opportunities are everywhere, be pro-active. You do not have to use traditional business cards, you can now keep in touch with the networking applications of the events in which you participate.

3.  Listen, listen, listen …

Trade shows are not the place to make your sales presentation or tell your life story. You have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the right people for your business. It’s great that you want to make a memorable impression on someone but be sure to leave enough space for your interlocutor. Instead of self-promotion, ask questions to better know the people you meet and what brings them value.

4.  Make some research before the event

It’s crucial to well prepare your events to be effective and get right to the point.  Among the thousands of people present at business event only a dozen might be important for your business. You’d better prepare your research so you do not miss out on those opportunities. You must also read up the news around your industry to be able to engage in discussions and to appear knowledgeable.

5. Use Business Matching app

While networking is a strategic element for every business, many people are still wasting their time talking to everyone hoping to find the perfect business fit. Participants spend hours talking to people who will never have any connection to their business while the contact of their dreams stood right next to them. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Business Matching apps are intuitive and pro-active to help meet the right people, the easiest way. You can create your own meeting agenda and decide with whom you want to interact.


Never miss opportunities again during your events. 



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