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25 May 2022 Community platform

From Business Smart-matching to Event Community, Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 paves the way for tomorrow’s professional events

As the Halal Economy keeps growing beyond the 2 Billion Muslim world population, Appsaya reinforces its place as a global leading technology provider for professional Halal events. We have been chosen to provide our Business Smart-Matching technology and set of digital services for Saudi International Halal Expo 2022. Covering all sectors, the Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 is expected to welcome more than 10,000 visitors, both Muslims and non-Muslims, in November 2022.


Appsaya is putting in place a range of solutions to increase the event ROI and enhance participants’ satisfaction, and collaborates with Wasabih, the Business community for the Halal Economy, to sustain the event community after the event and all year round. Appsaya’s platform identifies the most relevant companies to schedule appointments with, saving hours of fastidious manual research, and enables appointment scheduling. Consequently, buyers will be able to find in a blink the right provider and manage their meetings schedule easily. To complete our event technology and to support Saudi International Halal Expo efforts in building their community, Wasabih hosts the official event community online. This way, Saudi International Halal Expo mitigates the risk to lose its audience once the event is passed, by nurturing its community on a platform dedicated to building the Halal Ecosystem. Open to professionals globally, Wasabih helps them connect, meet and grow their businesses in respect of Islamic values in the consumer experience and hosts several Halal events communities.


About Saudi International Halal Expo 2022


Organized by 1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences, the Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 will be hosted in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, for the first time on 7 – 9 November 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The Halal industry goes beyond food. The Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 targets different sectors in the Halal industry including Halal Logistic Services, Halal Cosmetics & Personal Care, Halal Tourism, Halal Food & Beverage, Halal Medicine & Pharmaceuticals, Modest Fashion and more.

The Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 is expected to welcome more than 200 national & international exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors coming from more than 35 different countries around the world for an opportunity to conduct business meetings, attend lectures and explore new trends in the Halal industry and the Halal certification.

The Saudi International Halal Expo aims to bring professionals from the Halal industry on one platform on an annual basis to network, exchange experiences and secure business opportunities. This large event is organized to bring together many identifiable local and international professionals, academics, technology providers, traders, distributors, specialized businesses and decision-makers in the Halal industry.

The Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 is a unique platform not only to showcase your Halal products & services and secure business opportunities, but also to take part in a series of B2B meetings.

This large event will be accompanied by a conference. This conference will include carefully chosen workshops, lectures and training courses. It will host local & international professionals in the industry and will showcase both the latest Halal Business trends & certification protocols. Moreover, this is a unique opportunity to explore the best and latest innovations of the Halal industry segments. It is a great learning experience that will help you stay knowledgeable and aware of the latest trends in the industry.

The organizing committee of this event looks forward to meeting you all at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibitions Centre between 7- 9 November 2022. If you want to join the event community for exclusive content and to start networking online, register on Wasabih.

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