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18 Jul 2018 Event Management

5 Successful Strategies For Event Organisers


To plan an event is one daunting task – Every little detail matters. But no matter how well thought-out your event is, it doesn’t really matter if not enough people attend. To plan meticulously is one thing, but to ensure enough people know and come for it is another. This is where a great marketing plan comes in. These a few steps you should follow when deciding on the right marketing strategies for your event.

1.Decide on a budget

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Before you even start planning a full-fledged marketing plan for your event, decide on a suitable budget. Deciding on a budget minimises the risk of overspending, since you will know in advance what you can and cannot afford. But fret not, even with a small budget, marketing options are aplenty. What matters more is how you make use of your funds, rather than how much you have. You don’t need all the resources in the world for your event break the internet!

2. Set your goal

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It is a vital, must-do step for any event, as these are what your marketing strategies will be based off! How many attendees do you want to attract? Is it a networking event for the culinary industry or a weekend market to promote local, artisanal products?  Ask as many questions as you need, the clearer your goals the better. It would help greatly with the next step.

3.Identify your target market

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Who do you want to attract to your event? Tech-savvy millennials, car enthusiasts or fresh graduates? Determine who your event caters to, and then how to reach them. Different tactics work for different groups. An ad on Instagram probably won’t reach enough middle-aged crowd!

4. Plan your marketing strategy

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Planning your strategy! Your strategies are directly influenced by the three steps before, so be sure to keep them in mind. It’s all about connecting with the right group of people on the right platform. Email marketing is one strategy that event organizers still trust, and utilising social media platforms is definitely a strategy that most (if not all) organizers consider. Pick the ones that best suit your target market and goal, according to what you can afford.

5. Have a backup plan

How many times do we encounter last minute issues? These are part of every event organizer journey.  A speaker cancelled? Or your perfect venue is not available anymore?…Take a step back and try to find a solution to issues you can probably have. This is the best way to prepare your event and be able to manage it. Stress less and set up your backup plan!

Remember, marketing strategies are ongoing, even during and after your event! Marketing your event is just another stepping stone in the planning process. In addition to publicity, it’s a great way to track engagement among your attendees, and to market future events.



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