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25 Mar 2020 Uncategorised

Staying Afloat Despite Event Cancellations? Here’s What You Can Do

The effect of COVID-19 hits the event industry really hard with news of events cancellation all around the world. Significantly, many companies have suffered from the loss of their major source of leads and income. However, this is not the end of the world but the time to get creative and innovative because fret not, opportunities are everywhere!

Here are some ideas to connect to your prospects while adapting to the situation:

  • Host a virtual trade show, a microsite or landing page featuring gated resources such as product demos and educational content
  • Repurpose your keynote speech as a video and share it with everyone who planned to attend
  • Invite conference speakers to repurpose their talk as a video or guest blog post
  • Host a webinar series
  • Reach out to your best media contacts with exclusive announcements you were planning to unveil during a live event
  • Engage with social media influencers who will spread the word for you

There is no other better opportunity than during this pandemic to increase your online visibility as many people are working from home and internet is the only essential medium for us to communicate with the outside world!

This digital marketing strategies have proven success for many, however for this to be an effective move, it has to be intentional. That means having a budget, a plan for how and where you will promote each event, who you will target and how you will measure success.

While the coronavirus pandemic begins to leave impact on the business community and economy, there are still opportunities for you to engage with your customers and prospects. Although it’s undeniably hard to remove the element of face-to-face interactions, you can address some of the impact by ramping up your online presence. If you are an event organizer, in need of help to improve your event online presence and engagement for your prospects due to the crisis , come and talk to us at hello@appsaya.com


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