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04 Sep 2018 Events

Global Islamic FinTech Summit 2018


The growing application and use of technology in financial and banking sectors has led to a tremendous growth in the industry of Financial Technology, or ‘FinTech’. It plays an increasingly important role, as new innovations and advancements are continuously announced. The Global Islamic FinTech Summit (GiFS) strives to spotlight FinTech and the major role it could play through its application within the world of Islam and its $1.2 trillion economy.

Appsaya is proud to announce its new partnership with the Global Islamic FinTech Summit in furthering the cause for a more prosperous Islamic Digital Economy. Specializing in event networking and business matching software, Appsaya has previously partnered with Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS), the world’s largest Halal trade expo, to introduce MIHAS Connect, an online platform for buyers and exhibitors to build new connections and create new business opportunities.

For GiFS, Appsaya partnered with the organizers to create Elmangos Connect, an exclusive platform designed specifically for the event. Through Elmangos Connect, attendees will discover their best connections during the summit seamlessly and in no time. The opening address will be given by none other than Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and the Summit will feature globally-renowned FinTech and Islamic Finance leaders from various parts of the world that will share their knowledge and expertise through keynote sessions, key stakeholders and regulatory panels between numerous sectors such as government agencies and startups.

Describing how he feels about the partnership, Mamadou Ndiaye founder and CEO of Appsaya said, “It is a privilege for us to be able to partner with Elmangos for the first annual Global Islamic FinTech Summit. Events such as the summit is pivotal in sparking innovations and discussions within the global community to ensure the continuous growth and prosperity of the Islamic economy.”

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